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paket wisata lombok - Lombok island that seem "small" in terms of the size of this area offers a variety of natural charm and uniqueness of the culture left behind by our ancestors in the past. As I discussed in a previous article article, Tour Lomboksecara outline is divided into five regions / districts, say tour of West Lombok, East Lombok, Central Lombok, North Lombok and Mataram City as the heart. This time I will try to describe some of the tourist attractions in East Lombok Lombok Tour I share in some of the following summary: 1. The brain Kokoq Joben Travel - tour lombok Attractions: East Lombok in the form of waterfalls and baths are located in the village of Montong Betok Gading subdistrict Montong, about 40Km from the heart of the city of Mataram. With the charm of a small mountain which is the border area of ​​Mount Rinjani National Park and springs that are believed to cure various skin diseases. In addition to the cold waterfall, several additional facilities such as swimming pools make this beautiful tourist destination of choice for a family vacation spot. 2. Climbing Mount Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake Charm - paket wisata lombok Park of Gunung Rinjani volcano is one whose status is still active with the 3726m high from sea level. Of some commonly used hiking trails, two of which are in the area of ​​East Lombok district is Sembalun and south line in the village of Aikmel. Which is the main attraction of the tourist area of ​​Mount Rinjani, one of which is the charm of Lake Segara Anak with a small mountain beside dubbed with the name of Mount Baru so. Then in 2008 the last of Mount Rinjani nature parks designated as the earth's (GEO Park) by the UN World Volcano Agency. 3. Waterfall Mayung Putek - paket tour lombok Small waterfall located in the village of Bilok Petung - Sembalun with a distance of about 173km from the city of Mataram is a waterfall that contains sulfur which is a continuation of the sulfur water that comes from Mount Rinjani. With its distinctive white color of milk, the waterfall is a favorite of visitors who want to cure various skin diseases suffered, because it is believed that the sulfur content could cure various diseases itching and skin diseases. 4. Waterfall Aik Temer / Orange Sweet - mutiara lombok The waterfall is located in the village of Yellow Flower District of Sikur is adjacent to the village of Tete Batu. Right at the foot of Mount Rinjani, with temperatures reaching 15 '- 25' Ceclius. Has a height of 40m with shades of forests and fresh mountain, complete with wild animals such as monkeys friendly. This waterfall canal possessed two challenging river adventurers to traverse kelokannya, traveling from gate / gate entry within 1 Km must be passed by foot. 5. Tourism Village Tete Batu - harga mutiara Tete Batu Barada village at an altitude of 700m above sea level. Sights and feel beautiful village and the air is still free of pollution, natural, clean and fresh will make you relaxed and comfortable in this tourist village. In addition to the natural feel fresh, you will also be greeted with hospitality residents, also some tourist accommodation that await you, just call the hotel Soedjono and Green Orry cottages complete with restaurant and some other alternative travel remained Area hotel.mutiara lombok Tete Batu is the border of East Lombok several other attractions such as Aiktemer, Pringgasela Village, Village Suradadi and also Brain Kokoq. So, this tourist village is the right choice for a brief rest before traveling to other destinations. Some travel companies prefer this tourist village as a resting place for their guests. 6. Travel Sapit Village - harga mutiara If you travel to tourist areas by taking these Masbagik Sembalun-Aikmel-Swela-Pesugulan, then this village you will pass. Sapit village is a traditional village located in the district Swela (about 65km from the heart of Selong) with two rustic feel in the form of agricultural areas in the traditional way that impressed the classical and natural, as well as the charm of the mountains. But can clearly see the ocean border of Indonesia and the Strait Alas, of this region we can also enjoy the beauty of the peak of Mount Rinjani on the bottom. Even before arriving in the area of ​​this tourist village you can all enjoy a tour LEMOR springs pool with a beautiful forest tourism. 7. Travel Kaliantan Beach - paket wisata lombok Kaliantan beach resort located in the District Jerowaru located in the southern part of East Lombok. Can be taken about 1 hour from the heart of Mataram route Sikur - Sakra - Keruak - last Jerowaru of Jerowaru to Pemongkong - Kaliantan with less than 90 minutes. If calculated from Jerowaru, you only need 30 minutes with a distance of 23km to the beach Kaliantan. Kaliantan beach tourism is the center of tourist attraction in the form of ceremonial culture "ceremony Nyale smell" which is the party of the people in the procession catching sea worms is usually celebrated in February and March.lombok tour Related article: Lombok Property LombokLand for Sale South Sea Pearls wholesale

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