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Lombok tour and to Bali

paket wisata lombok or commonly referred to as PACKAGE TOUR LOMBOK has been chosen by lovers of travel at this time. Wonderful charm of the island of Bali is no doubt, all the wide audience did admit that Bali is one of the very beautiful tourist destinations. tour lombok Well if bicarain about bali ni, surely our minds fixed on an attraction known for the beauty of the sand and beaches named Kuta beach. Yes it is true attraction Kuta beach has become a magnet for foreign and local guests. Every day, the beach is always invaded by thousands of tourists. In addition to Kuta there are several beaches famous for its beauty, like a dreamland, fields - fields, and other Sanur, Bali can be said also is famous for its beautiful beaches.paket wisata lombok Besides the beauty of the beach, there are many attractions that can be visited, such as: bedugul kintamani land lots etc. paket tour lombok But how about in Lombok tour? Lombok tour "The Siter of Bali" is one of the objects tourist destination continues to grow rapidly in recent years. Lombok presents a beautiful tourist spot. Travelers to Lombok level is growing rapidly in this decade. As we know, if the island of Bali and Lombok there are many similarities. mutiara lombok Therefore Tourism Lombok island not far behind tourism in Bali. the place is surrounded by oceans make Lombok a favorite place for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the sea. Senggigi is a favorite tourist attraction in Lombok and are in the west of Lombok. harga mutiara Senggigi beach is not as famous Kuta Bali, but if we are in the Senggigi beach, the atmosphere felt like bringing us like in Kuta, Bali Gili Trawangan, Lombok tour is in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. Gili Trawangan Lombok Tour Gili Trawangan is the largest island of the cluster of three dyke like Gili Meno Gili Air Gili Trawangan. The situation is far from the crowds, the absence of polluting vehicles, stunning sea views is something exclusive of the appeal of this island. You can perform activities such as diving in the sea (scuba diving) or can also snorkel. mutiara lombok Attractions in Lombok island tour also save the natural beauty that really fascinating. Lombok also save the beauty of the beaches that must to visit, call and Kute aan headlands beach in Lombok. The white sandy beach is still so beautiful, because of the small number of tourists visiting to this place. Not hayal sandy beach-like grains of pepper has become a favorite destination in the southern part of Lombok tour. Examples of other beaches of Gili Trawangan, a beautiful island in the north of the island of Lombok bertepat. (Info: Lombok tour) harga mutiara Needed a boat to cross to the island, because of its location which is separated from the mainland Lombok. The beach in Gili Trawangan, pure memamg save a million marine charm. You can perform activities such as snorkeling and diving in this place, its coral reefs still looks nice and terawatt, as well as its ornamental fish, which makes us as if - by being in a giant aquarium, if performing these activities. Besides attraction Lombok coast also has other objects such as rinjani, spring gile, garden Narmada etc. Surfing In Desert Point paket wisata lombok And for you too are challenged to surf at Desert Point, then you can take a trip with the ferry boat ride from Bali to Lombok Sheets port. Desert Point, local people called it Bangko-Bangko, is a surfing beach destination located on the Southwestern Coastal tour Lombok. lombok tour If you have arrived at the Port sheet, then a trip to Desert Point reached by vehicle travel or rental car and takes about 2 hours. The Desert Point, available lodges simple lodging as a place of lodging. Desert Point is one of chilli tour interesting place to visit, particularly among surfers in Indonesia. Regarding the brief review above, this island offers both the natural beauty that is certainly desired by many parties. Is it possible to combine a tour of the two islands into one? Of course you can, we offer PACKAGE TOUR LOMBOK to you who want a tour in both islands.mutiara lombok With Sengang but during the period, we will provide free information to you and do not hesitate to ask for clarity pemirsah of the package that we offer ... okay :) For more details, I will discuss in a later article that's only part of the tour Lombok, survived a visit to the island of Lombok tour..harga mutiara Related article: Lombok Property LombokLand for Sale South Sea Pearls wholesale

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